Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Nancy's Bucket List and A Disappointing Meal

Virginia Beach, VA.

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My Internet signal here at the CG has been really quirky the last few days. As I'm typing this, the signal keeps dropping off and on, but I really wanted to post so that I didn't get too far behind.

Saturday evening, Jim and Linda took CLT and headed where Nancy was doing her fitness show. Well, come to find out, this was actually a local body building contest and many of the participants were really into the strength and body building thing.  

This was on Nancy's "bucket list" and it's the first time that she has done anything like this. She's been training for almost a year, practicing her poses eating only certain foods and doing all the other things necessary get ready to compete.

So, how did she do??? Well, she came home with 3 trophies!!!!  2  4th place and 1  5th place. One was for the "novice class" category, one for the "tall women's class", and one for the "over 40 years old class" !!!  : )

Really great for her first, (and she says her last), competition!!!! ; )

Sunday, absolutely nothing happened except to watch all the week-end campers pack up and head for home. Linda worked some more on her family tree program and Jim watched football on TV.

Yesterday, was another slow day. About 4:30 or so, Jim and Linda took CLT and headed over to Joe and Nancy's and then they and Joe, Nancy, Sami and Amber went out to eat at the Atlas Restaurant near their house for dinner.

The company was great and everyone had a good time, but in the last few years there has been a bunch of changes at the Restaurant and none of them seem to be for the better. Joe's food was cold, Sami's order was messed up and had to send it back, hardly any of the food really stood out and the service left something to be desired.

From what I understand, the Atlas used to be a very good place to eat and many times the restaurant was crowded. Now, there were only a few people in there and I doubt that Jim and Linda or Joe and Nancy will go back again.

Very disappointing. : (

The rest of Linda's prescription are supposed to be ready today, so Jim and Linda will probably be heading over to Walgreens. They also have a grocery list started, so they may pick those items up at a grocery store while they're out and about, but we'll see.

Did you know that on this date in  1915, The first U.S. championship horseshoe tourney was held in Kellerton, IA.?

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