Tuesday, October 16, 2012

A Little Repair, Dinner At Perkins and More Photo Albums

Moncure, NC

45 deg. clear, no wind.

Forecast = Partly cloudy. Fog early. High of 63F. Winds from the NNW at 5 to 10 mph.

Sunday was a very nice day, (once it warmed up a little in the morning), so Jim spent quite a bit of time outside doing "things".

One thing he definitely wanted to get done was to check my front clearance lights. These lights have leaked water into me before when it rains and after the last heavy rain we had, there was a small amount of water running down on the inside of my windshield.

Even before Jim and Linda bought me, one of my previous owners had put sealer all around each light, (the lights are kind of recessed into the panel over my windshield), and once before, Jim had added additional sealer to stop a leak. This time, he added a little more where it looked like the sealant had pulled away from the lights and we're hoping that this will take care of the problem.

Since he had to get his folding step ladder out to reach the lights, he also used it to spay a little silicone spray on my main awning joints and roller tube ends. When he sprays these areas, it seems to make the awning open and close easier, putting less strain on the little electric motor.

While Jim was busy outside, Linda was digging through the last box of photo albums. In this box, she has found a whole bunch of photos plus a whole bunch of birth announcements and other papers that have important information about family members.

As planned, for dinner, Jim and Linda took CLT and headed over to the Perkins Restaurant in Apex, to have dinner with Mike and his family. CLT says that everyone seemed to enjoy their meals, but of course the main reason for being there was to spend time with family. ; )

After eating and talking for awhile, CLT brought Jim and Linda back here and Mike and his family headed back to their house.

Yesterday morning started out with a pretty sunrise. Jim took this photo from my site here in the park, so I thought I'd share. ; )

As soon as Linda got up, she and Jim continued going through more albums. They found a whole bunch of family photos in one of the albums that Jim's mother had put together many, many years ago, and spent the better part of the day working on them.

During the morning, the clouds started moving in and for a good part of the afternoon we had showers, some of them quite heavy. Then, about 5:00 Jim and Linda took CLT and headed back to Mike and Gina's for dinner and to visit some more. After a yet another nice meal, they visited to around 7:30 and then headed back here.

Today, being that it's our last day here, Jim and Linda have to get done with the photo albums. Jim also needs to dump my tanks and add a little water to my fresh water tank. Then, I'm quite sure he'll put all the hoses away so he doesn't have to do it in the morning when it's cold and those hoses are stiff as a board!  : )

Did you know that North Carolina has 1,500 lakes of 10 acres or more in size and 37,000 miles of fresh water streams?

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